how we’re making the change


SAME CUP exists to provide both personal and professional education, development and networking opportunities to all women and other minorities in the Australian Specialty Coffee industry.

Pooling our resources and teaming up with other coffee companies/individuals have seen some super successful partnerships. Here are some of the activities and events we have tackled over the last 12 months:

  • Partnered with LaMarzocco to create the workshop “demystify the machine” which ran in both Sydney and Melbourne. This workshop was hosted by some of the only women in coffee machine tech in Australia. All of the educators are women or minorities which in turn empowered our attendees (who were all women and minorities) to have more confidence with the equipment they use every day. This event was a HUGE success and we would love to run more all over Australia in 2019/20

  • Working with Melbourne Coffee Merchants (MCM) we were able to host successful charity events and raise enough money to build a working space for the Rwandan women of Dukunde Kawa. The women of the community will use this space to bring income into their communities by creating baskets to sell during the off-peak coffee season.

  • Paid for spots in local latte art competitions to encourage a better gender balance at the event. Provided the girls with equipment, milk and space to train before the event.

  • Partnered with Almond Breeze to secure a spot in an exclusive latte art course with one of Australia’s best - again in the name of gender balance and representation.

  • We have spoken on panels/podcasts about the importance of gender diversity and mental health in the workplace

  • We created our own valuable networking events and put together our own panel of powerful women from all walks of coffee life to inspire the next generation of female coffee professionals

  • Creating fun and skill-based coffee competitions for women and minorities to elevate their palate, build confidence/skillsets and practice their routines for state/national level competitions.

  • Sending free, exclusive coffees to people in rural areas who do not normally get the chance to try them - Each recipient brewed the coffee with a new friend and as such created a new connection and the beginnings of a small coffee group in their own community

….Plus more!

HOW? Glad you asked.

Up until now (July 2019), the project has been fully funded by the industry. We have a chuffed.org donation page which raised more than $6,000 and donations from tickets and merch sales from multiple incredible businesses and individuals added another $3,000 to our kitty.

After nearly a year of successful events and partnerships, we really want to keep creating positive change. One thing is for certain, we need a steady supply of money so we can grow and start kicking some even bigger goals.

So, that’s why we started the SAME CUP COFFEE SUBSCRIPTION!

It’s a monthly subscription service designed to not only give you all the coffee you need for the month but a real, tangible good feeling that you are contributing to a positive change in the Australian coffee industry.

The money you spend on the coffee subscription will cover costs of production and everything else will be funnelled back into SAME CUP to continue to elevate the positive impact we are having. You’ll get updates monthly on what we’re up to and how we are spending your contribution - Learn more HERE or sign up HERE


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