SAME CUP Coffee Subscription

How does it work?



Well, to keep it brief - we need a source of income to continue to do good things.

We started as a campaign to raise some money and have some inclusive and inspiring events for women and other minorities in the coffee community. The response was so overwhelmingly positive from businesses and individuals that we realised that we could achieve much more with this platform.

We chose a coffee subscription because it is a great way to showcase different coffee and coffee roasters that align with SAME CUP values. Plus you can try something tasty and new each month delivered right to your doorstep!


Instead of focusing on the super detailed (somewhat redundant) information around the coffee farm and the raw product we will be focusing more on the human element and who’s behind the roaster.

The roaster will be responsible for the final coffee selection however we will suggest some importers that we know align with our values and sourced sustainably and transparently.

Each month you’ll receive your coffee and a little something from us with suggested brew recipes, bios and SAME CUP updates.

After you sign up with your credit card - it will be debited on the same day each month and the coffee will be roasted and delivered between the 5th and the 12th.

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We partner with people and businesses who champion inclusivity, education and diversity at all levels.

Our roasting partners are especially important to us. We must insist that the roaster/roastery/company is mindful of and can show ways that they have championed one or more marginalised people in the specialty coffee industry.

We acknowledge that there are many groups of marginalised people in the specialty coffee industry. Including but not limited to: women, LGBTQI+, Indigenous people, people of colour, people from rural areas, low socio-economic backgrounds, people with a mental or physical disability and people of all ethnic and religious backgrounds different from our own.

If you would like to learn more about being a part of our coffee subscription head on over to the CONTACT FORM