Alex Stevenson - Creative Queen

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I met Demelza at Scout's Honour in Redfern earlier this year and knew straight away that she was an absolute gun and someone I'd really like to work with. She has a great, fire energy (only partly due to drinking copious amounts of coffee) and we vibed immediately on design and Wollongong cafes (Rush anyone?). On learning more about Demelza’s ‘SAME CUP’ movement, I connected a lot with many of the values that she was working towards. I had no idea about the kind of harassment and inequality that women face within the coffee industry but realized a lot of parallels between these stories and my own experiences in many of the jobs I’ve had over the years, particularly as a DJ. This year, I have been working with Bedrock Collective to curate events that promote diverse line-ups, particularly focusing on giving emerging fem*le, GNC, LGBTQIA+ and POC artists, performers, musicians and DJs a platform to show their work. Our work aims to make creative spaces in Sydney and affect large-scale change across these industries from a grassroots inception. Bedrock and SAME CUP share a lot of goals and values and I believe SAME CUP is going to make waves within the coffee industry and boost a lot of talented women’s careers. I’m really excited to see this movement, and the people within it, grow.


Alex Stevenson is a Sydney based, multi-disciplinary creative practitioner with a studied art making foundation in Graphic Design and Media Arts. Alex is continually transforming her practice to include varied methods of communication and expression, from design, animation, video and projection work to Dj-ing and curation. Her personal practice is driven by a feminist inclination and all her production work is focused on fostering safe, diverse and progressive communities. Alex is currently completing her Masters in Design at UNSW Art and Design.

Demelza Jones