Aussie Cherry Roast


location: tba

When: Feburary 6th 2019

More details: TBA

This will be a doozy!

Cherry Roast is open for EVERYONE to attend however all of the competitors will be female and/or LGBTQIA+.

This multi-round competition is designed to give our ladies and queer folk the chance to build up their competition experience, nurture confidence in themselves and their coffee skills so they feel more inclined to compete at a higher level in the future and to improve their visibility and power in our industry.

This is like NO OTHER coffee competition you have ever seen before - and honestly, it’s brilliant.

Cherry Roast was created by Elle Jensen of Amethyst Coffee in Denver, Colorado. Elle is a wonderful advocate for taking care of people and creating spaces where all people feel safe, seen and heard.

SAME CUP will be bringing this fantastic event to Melbourne in the days leading up to MICE in 2019.

If you haven’t heard of it before- check out the Cherry Roast Facebook page.

<3 <3

Do you want to help?

Here’s what we need:

  • A space/cafe/warehouse to host the event

  • Loan equipment such as coffee machines, grinders, scales and pour over kits

  • Food and drink sponsors

  • Someone to design the logo for the event

  • Coffee to be used during the competition

  • Prizes for the place getters and a lucky door prize

  • Donations of branded gear to make goody bags for the competitors

  • AV and Audio gear

  • Volunteers to help us set up/pack down, assist competitors, clear away between rounds and a whole bunch of other stuff!


CHERRY ROAST 2016 - Denver, Colorado

Photo taken from Cherry Roast Facebook page