MICE 2019


Demelza Jones - dropping knowledge bombs at MICE 2018

Photo taken by Five Senses Coffee

LOCATION:  Melbourne international coffee expo (MICE), Melbourne convention and exhibition centre

when: 7 - 9 feb 2019

more details: tba

We have approached the nice folks at MICE and asked if we can have a space/area dedicated to SAME CUP.

While nothing is set in stone, here’s what we envision happening: A nice quiet-ish area that all fans of the SAME CUP movement can grab a cold drink, rock some merch and meet other like-minded people from the industry away from the craziness of the expo floor. Total safe space.

We would have a schedule of talks, tastings, demos and other fun stuff.

We would love to offer this chance to anyone who might be new to public speaking as an opportunity gain confidence in the art of speaking to an audience. Nothing too serious, it will be the easiest story to tell - your own.

We would also strive to get some influential coffee brands and people to give talks/product demos/coffee tastings to the room.

More details to come.

Do you want to help?

Here’s what we need:

  • Coffee sponsors to provide coffee to drink in the space and potentially donate some extra bags for SAME CUP to sell.

  • Food and cold drink sponsors

  • Product or brand demonstrations

  • Volunteers to share their story in a safe and supportive environment

  • Branded coffee stuff to put in a goody bag for SAME CUP attendees

  • Offers from coffee professionals to come and give a quick talk to the group about their story and/or product

  • Financial help via our CHUFFED donation page to get the SAME CUP merch sorted