CHARI-TEE 001 Danni Choy x The Orange Door

The goal of the shirt design was to entice coffee professionals and allies of inclusivity. My two initial ideas were sketched and finalised however the piece I chose reflected the strength of diversity in the industry without excluding any persons directly.

In my opinion of specialty coffee, the three main aspects of the industry is roasting, extracting, and cultivating/importing which is why I chose to depict a portafilter, coffee roaster trier, and a branch from a coffee tree. The hands were specifically designed to not define a gender because all persons should feel included. Overall this illustration should incite pride, unity, and give the viewer a sense of empowerment.

All profits from the shirt sales will go to the Orange Door project. The Orange Door project works with adults, children and young people who are experiencing or have experienced domestic violence in Victoria.

I elected this project because I have personally witnessed and experienced domestic violence. When you have been abused, the world doesn’t stop to let you recover, you still have to go to your job every day and pretend everything is fine. Your teammates will greet you with “how was your night?”, you always answer, “oh yeah, just the usual, stayed at home and watched tv” when actually you spent the night crying in the shower because your partner hurt you. The harsh reality is domestic violence is common and it is hard to discuss, but the Orange Door project will help those who need to get out of abusive homes without the stress of financial ramifications.


The design was made using the Procreate app on Apple iPad.

Written by: Danni Choy

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